Guide: Paying with Visa or MasterCard

Visa and Mastercard Diagram
  1. From the "Payment Method:" dropdown menu select "Credit Card".
  2. Select the "Visa" option from the "Credit / Debit Card Type:" dropdown menu.
  3. In the "Credit / Debit Card Number:" field enter the credit card number located on the front of your card.
  4. In the "Name As It Appears On Card:" field key in the name on the front of your card exactly as it appears on the card.
  5. From the "Choose Month" dropdown menu, select the month of the expiration date located on the front of your card. Do the same for the year in the "Choose Year" dropdown.
  6. Turn your credit card over and enter the CVV code (verification code) in the "Security Code:" text field.
  7. Optional: The checkbox below the "Security Code" field allows customers to save payment methods for future purposes. This step is not required but allows for speedy, future checkouts.

Remember to double check that all of the information entered into these fields matches the exact values on your credit card before proceeding with the checkout process.

Notes: It is important that all of the information keyed in under the payment field matches the information on your credit card. Any information that is entered incorrectly may result in a failed order attempt. For your protection, Green Farm Parts uses the latest in fraud detection software.

Your Credit / Debit Card Verification number is located on the reverse side of your VISA or MasterCard, on the signature line, just to the right of your card number. Click here for help with American Express.